Tell Your Stories, Reflect & Connect

Remember your past  - Make sense & craft story - Tell and be heard

Create community
through storytelling

Build connection as
people listen deeply
& bear witness.


Learn story tools and techniques

Gain confidence and know-how by learning some simple but essential storytelling skills.

Be at ease
with your life

Find your voice, make sense of your past, share your truth, tell with heart, and laugh.

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Who is Story Wise?

My name is Kate Lawrence and I help individuals, groups and communities become better storytellers, skilled at finding, crafting and telling stories from their own lives, in their own voice.

I love to see people discover the meaning-making and deep connection to self and others that is part of the process of story crafting and sharing.

I love to see groups of individuals bond as they grapple with the clay of their lives to create stories to share.

I also love to share my stories, enthral and enchant you, tell you with story, how I make meaning of this 'one wild and precious life'*.

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