Initiate a storytelling project &                  amplify authentic voices

Build Interest



Create safe space

Watch the community, connection and confidence unfold through the story finding & crafting process.

Host & Hear 

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Put on a show

Create a place to be heard and for others to bear witness and feel the universal beat at the heart of all good stories.  

Share and Amplify

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Record and Replay

Capture the true stories, told live, and with teller permission, publish for wider sharing. 

Russell Yardley
Kate has an extraordinary ability to guide each storyteller and the audience to recognise structure, meaning and feeling from each story. Pointing out what is unique why something worked or picking out highlights some might have missed....
Kate has created a space an opportunity for our community to share from our past to build a better community from sharing our stories.
— Russell Yardley

Story Wise Project Process

Below is the outline of one possible story project process.  Apart from the first step 'Discuss, decide and design the purpose, people and process' all steps are flexible and open to what will best serve the project. Sometimes it is an iterative process, needing to be re-worked as the stories emerge and the people become known.  Other times it helps to be willing to trust the people and the process and watch what unfolds.  Contact me to discuss your ideas and we can talk through the best place to start.

or call Kate Lawrence on 0402 080 445