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Shape Your Stories

Express Your Truth

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Remember and     reflect    

Sometimes you know, sometimes it comes as you remember. Let story guide you to your truth and your wisdom.

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Craft your stories, and your message

Create a thing, a story proper. Write it, speak it, tell it.  Craft a journey, show your heart, make peace. 

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Mesmerise your audience

With drama, tension, humour, and heart, hold them in the palm of your hand –  and show them who you are.  

2017 Dates

Story Starter - 3 hour introductory workshop. Monday June 19, 2017. Location: Brunswick. Or Friday August 4, 2017. Location: Macedon

Story Wisdom - One day program. Wednesday 6 Sept, 2017.  Location:  Brunswick

Speak True - One day program plus coaching. Friday 13 Oct, 2017. Location: Macedon

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Your stories have the power to change the world.

Your world. And the world around you.

But to change anything your stories have to live, they need to be shaped, shifted and shared.

Will you bring your stories to life?

The Story Wise workshops and longer programs will teach you a step-by-step process for making sense out of your stories, finding their purpose and telling with style, your style.

As a curious, reflective person, you have a passion for self awareness and growth, and a message for the world embedded in you.

And of course you have a deep love of story.

You know you have great stories in you, but it’s just not coming together quite right.

As a storyteller who learned the slow way, who failed and learned the hard way, I know first hand how frustrating and difficult it can be. I spent years trying to work out how to tell stories. And years understanding the personal story telling process, its gifts, how to listen and feel the story and allow it to live within me, change me and be changed by me. 

Benefits of Story Wise Workshops and Longer programs

  • Deeper sense of knowing who you are, increased understanding and self-awareness
  • Reflection and making sense of old events. A sense of peace.
  • Ability to share a message, embedded in a story of who you are, that hooks your readers or listeners, gets them to know, like and trust you, and follow your persuasion.
  • The deep satisfaction of being heard, being in charge of your story and using your creativity to craft a story proper.
  • Letting go of tired scripts and reshaping events in a new way
  • The benefit of group support, group feedback and group connection.  The learning that comes from a circle of trust and watching the development of others in their story journey.
  • A story; a shape, a beginning middle and end to events, to be shared, written, told or shown.

Story Wise Tools

Story Wise  workshops and long programs utilise a combination of a tools and techniques, including:

  • Story (of course!)
  • Improvisation
  • Writing
  • Conversation
  • Reflection
  • Ritual
  • Performance
  • Mindfulness
  • Imagination 
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Workshops, Webinars and Programs

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Story Starter:  June 19 - Brunswick or August 4 - Macedon

In this introductory three hour workshop you will learn to find story material from your life, and understand and apply story structure, theme and techniques to one of your stories.  You will spend time in the workshop shaping and reflecting on your story, and experience telling your story once or twice in the workshop and receive feedback. 

Story Starter is an introductory three hour workshop.

Numbers limited to ten.

Early Bird Price $88.  

Full price $110

Limited to ten participants.

Monday June 19, 2017

10am - 1pm

Location: Brunswick

or Friday August 4, 2017

1pm - 4pm

Location: Macedon

Story Wise Story Wisdom program.png

Story Wisdom: Sept 6, 2017 Brunswick, Melbourne

Make sense, shape your stories.

This program is if you want to work with your stories and see what's there; if you want to explore moments from your life, and use the reflective storytelling process to find renewed understanding of who you are and what is your truth; you will shape and tell, written and orally, stories that bring to light your best meaning making, and reveal your inner world. 

And maybe you will uncover the secret prize of personal storytelling: as part gift, part message, when we craft our life events into stories for telling, we decide how we define events, make meaning and re-story our life.

Story Wisdom is a one day workshop.


Numbers limited to five.

9am - 5pm

Wednesday Sept 6, 2017

 Location: Brunswick

Story Wise: Speak True program.png

Speak True: 13 Oct, 2017 Macedon, Victoria

The platform awaits, you need to prepare!! 

This program is for you if you've got a time, date, place and audience for your talk, story, speech or presentation. It moves through an exploration of your experiences and meaning making, into a sense of purpose, message, and deepening awareness of who you are, what you want to say and how to find your true, strong, wise and centred voice to say it.

Story, structure, confidence and expression are all developed.

We finish by creating a really practical, stepped out rehearsal plan, including scheduling a one hour individual coaching session with Kate.

Speak True is a one day workshop and follow up individual coaching session - $440

Numbers limited to five.

9am - 5pm  

Friday 13 Oct, 2017

 Location:  Macedon

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What Others Have Said

Kate’s Story Wise webinar has been very helpful in refining my presenting skills and public speaking. As a Yoga teacher and facilitator I share stories on a daily basis.

Story telling is a beautiful art and whilst it is easy to assume that we can automatically do it, Kate ’s webinar breaks it down so that we can more effectively connect and convey our experiences to others. Kate was very supportive and gave excellent feedback which really helped me understand how to craft a story that has substance, direction and humour. Finding my voice through storytelling and being heard has been a deeply satisfying experience. Thank you Kate
— Julia Dendrinos
Kate Lawrence in story workshop
Thank you so much for such a supportive and easeful introduction to the art of storytelling. I was intrigued, and surprised, to see the way each story emerged and developed as it was polished some more. Seeing this animated aspect of myself come out and delight in sharing the story was amazing to me.
— Gillian Hume
The storytelling webinar with Kate was a delight - spacious and focused at the same time. I feel like my understanding of the art of storytelling has grown exponentially and I look forward to exploring and crafting many more of my stories.
— Jane Bennett