the Bridge Between Hearts and Minds

I help women leaders and experts

strengthen their voice,

deepen their sense of self and

speak with presence and heart,

by learning to tell their stories.

According to 20th century psychologist Jerome Bruner, humans have two modes of thinking - analytical, logical, conceptual; and narrative, story, metaphorical. For the last 400 years human endeavour has focussed on the first, and we know a lot about analytical thinking, but emerging from the shadows is an acceptance that we are still and always will be emotional, narrative-loving, meaning-making machines.

We are only now starting to understand the power, necessity and inevitability of using Story to connect, communicate and comprehend.

While Story comes naturally to us and is the water of human connection that we swim in, to become conscious and deliberate in how we use, shape and share story is something we have let slip in that 400 years.

We urgently need to learn Story, to become aware of it as a way of thinking - a valid and amazing source of human imagination, emotion and connection.

Why work with me?

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I have been learning to tell stories - practising, crafting, performing, reading, and listening to stories, for years. It has been a lot of trial and error, a lot of figuring it out, a lot of sifting through rubbish to find the stuff that was useful. If I was to do it over again I’d do two things: I’d start earlier, and I’d get a teacher and/or mentor. It would have saved me years of time, money and confusion.

What I know in my bones is that we need to be supported and guided, in community and with a coach, we need to practice and get feedback, we need to understand story as a way of thinking and we need to weave story into our bigger purpose; to do this we need someone outside our head to help us.  

It is so easy to get lost in our blind spots, to focus on the overarching narrative, where it’s more comfortable, rather than the moments where life actually happened, or to freeze in fear, or wander off on side tracks or rabbit holes, or to find ourselves with no track to follow, just sort of ending with no point or….

I have put together my best work, 25 plus years experience in law, community engagement, facilitation, coaching, speaking and of course storytelling, as well as my own journey of personal development…into a four month program that absolutely offers you my best, in individual support and structured learning, to transform your storytelling, your public speaking and yourself.


The truth is that the most important work you will do with me is to gain insight, to shift your perspective, to see yourself, your story and your life in a new way, a way that taps into a universal, that reveals who you are, what you believe and why, and that makes you so relatable, authentic and compelling.

Insight doesn’t happen overnight, it requires reflection, questioning, exploration and a sounding board. This is why I work with people on meaning making, and the art and craft of storytelling; success requires exploration and learning in both areas.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gained new insight, made sense and deepened my understanding of who I am, through crafting a story. It is this landing of a story’s meaning that gives us and our listeners the deep sigh of story satisfaction, and is the hallmark of a great story.  (The gift of story has many layers.)

Do either of these sound like you:

> You are just a little bit terrified of public speaking and you have no idea where to begin to tell your story. You go round and round thinking you could tell it this way or that, but would that be any good, or engaging, and how would you actually tell it well?

You’ve been wanting to get some training for a long time want to be authentic, not an actor, you want to feel comfortable when you speak, not a cardboard cut out.

You need someone who can specifically help you to pull your story out, shape it for your situation, so you can tell it with confidence and heart.  


> You know your stuff and you can speak, but you don’t know how to really step into your power and strength as a speaker, how to really own your voice and speak in a way that is engaging and whole hearted, with story at the centre.

Maybe you’re being told that speaking is your next step so you can have more impact and that you need to use story, your story!!!

You can see the power of story, but how do you relate it to your message, which parts do you tell, how do you tell it well, where to begin and end, and what about oversharing and vulnerability and what does that even mean?

If you think this might be you, then let’s talk. Book a FREE story success strategy sessions today.

In this session the focus is all about you and what support you need to take the next step in your storytelling, whether you want to give a presentation, host events for others to share their stories, run a project, open an exhibition or speak at an event or family function, the program is tailored to work towards your bigger goals. 

Even if this program is not a good fit for you, you’ll get clearer on the direction you need to go, and I can steer you towards resources to help you take the next step.

If you want to finally learn to understand story, how to shape your memories and share who you are - not just once but for the rest of your life, and you see an opportunity in talking together, book your spot here.

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