Make Sense, Shape Your Stories

Do You Want to

Speak with Heart,

Tell with Confidence &

Enchant your Audience?

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For Presenters and  Persuaders

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Find and shape your stories, know your why and your wherefore, then create a speech that is persuasive, moving and memorable. 

For Explorers and Deep Thinkers


Remember and reflect, craft and tell. Know who you are, what you believe in and where you're going.   

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Story Wisdom, Speaking Strength

Instinct For Story

Humans have an instinct for story. We are drawn to story, like filings to a magnet.  Science shows us that when we listen or watch a story, we experience the events and the emotions of the story empathically, through mirror neurons.  

The Story & Speech Crafting Process

The reflective and creative process at the heart of personal storytelling and speech writing, is transformational.  In the shaping and the sharing we settle on a meaning and bring resolution to the story's journey.  We strengthen our values and our ability to communicate who we are.

When we weave our speech with our story and imagery, we bring it to life and we allow ourselves to be known and draw our audience to us.

Story Know How

To explore your past, find and be found by your stories, reflect, make sense, shape, tell, and speak with intention and creativity, takes courage, skill, support and practice. 

And that is where Story Wise comes in.

Story Coaching

Being coached and supported enables you to explore your life and focus on the story worthy moments.

It enables you to craft and hone your stories for your particular situation - your audience, your purpose and your time frame.

It enables you to discover the meaning-making and deep connection to self and others that is part of the process of story crafting and sharing.  It enables you to lead.

Thank you for your feedback today Kate. It was very helpful and just what I needed to hear. Your acute listening skills allow you to access just what is needed to create a “sharp” story.
— Mary O'Meara

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