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Does the means justify the ends in our workplaces? 

Disengagement in the workplace is rife, mental illness and mental distress in the workplace is epidemic.

How can we as organisations, create a workplace culture that nurtures the whole person and still achieve corporate goals? 

The answer is not more technology. It's not more research. It's not more money, or mission, vision and values, or sky diving as a team.

The answer is in community building, and the best tool humanity has for community building is ancient - storytelling (and story listening!) 

Our current workplace communication is a constant state of wearing a professional mask. We speak and write in disengaged, emotionless, cerebral ways, and this has an effect not just on our impact, or lack of it, but on who we are as people, and how we relate to each other.

Our communications become disconnected, from ourselves and from each other. We use our mind but no heart, words but no story.

We become voiceless, scared and frustrated. We are so layered with should and oughts, roles and expectations, we can’t find a way to speak authentically.

Story makes us whole, story is the balance to the intellectualisation of life; story is heart, and body, history and experience. Story takes courage and commitment but story gives far more than it takes.

Story allows us to hear ourselves and each other. It enables us to deliberately and consciously craft our history, make sense of it and and share it in the way that moves, inspires and helps others.

But storytelling is a practice not a product,

a commitment not a consumable.

Story Wise delivers story program for organisations, combining facilitated story sharing, as well as in house practice storytelling performances. The outcome is a strong storytelling culture that binds, gives voice, hears and creatively shapes stories of whole human employees, who communicate with presence and heart, by learning to think, feel, shape and share with Story.

About Kate Lawrence

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I spent over 20 years communicating like a lawyer, writing like the Wizard of Oz, as if there was no-one behind the paper screen. It has taken me a long time to deconstruct my communication style, to be able to speak like… me.

I needed to nurture my imagination, become a student of story, get over a tiny, repetitive and powerful voice saying ‘You can’t do that’, let go of the printed page, and really make sense of who I am, what I have experienced and what I believe.

For last ten years I've been studying and practising, telling and teaching stories.  I've found, crafted, practiced and shared stories, over and over and over again. I’ve listened, I’ve coached and I’ve taught countless people to love and think and tell story. I’ve created safe space and hosted, I’ve won the Moth story slam twice and given a TEDx talk once. It is my passion and tool of choice to change the world.

The Story Wise Foundational Group Storytelling program

This program is designed to support your teams and organisation to share stories, in two stages. In the first stage people are invited with story prompts to share stories to connect and explore their histories. This stage may also include story gathering for other pre-determined organisational purposes. The program is designed in consultation with you to achieve your organisational goals.

The second stage is to learn and practice storytelling to be shared as a gift, as a story performance, for a presentation, meeting or speaking public event. This involved monthly storytelling events within the organisation, to build a story habit, build community and connection within the organisation and develop storytelling skills.


I have put together my twenty-five plus years experience in law, community engagement, facilitation, coaching, speaking and of course storytelling …into the Story Wise Foundational Group Story program.

It absolutely offers you and your organisation my best, in group and individual support and structured learning, to transform your organisation into a storytelling culture, a storytelling organisation.

The truth is that the most important work you staff will do with story is to gain insight, to shift perspective, to see themselves, their story and their life in a new way, a way that taps into a universal, that reveals who they are, what they believe and why, and that makes them relatable, authentic and compelling. And this just might happen to you, and the organisation as well…

 Story Wise is a  Femeconomy  business

Story Wise is a Femeconomy business

A story culture doesn’t happen overnight, it requires time, repetition, carefully design process and facilitation, reflection, questioning, and exploration. This is why I work with people on meaning making, and the art and craft of storytelling; success requires exploration and learning in both areas.

So if this sounds like something you need to make your organisational communications and relationships thrive, make an appointment to talk with me.

We’ll talk through your purpose and problem, and get really clear on the direction you need to go, and if it feels right..

I’ll create a customised program plan and we’ll get to work.

Make an appointment to talk through your story needs, see if we are a good fit, and get started on your journey to being a storytelling organisation.

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