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Kate’s acute listening skills allow her to access just what is needed to create a “sharp” story.
— Mary O'Meara

Kate’s presentation was masterful, intriguing and pitch perfect for our audience.
— Lara McKinley, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Story Wisdom


Story is the universal tool that enables humans to express, understand and connect. It has a role in the workplace as much as on the stage, it enables us to process and express emotion, something sorely missing from modern organisations and public life. 

The Story Wise approach uses story as a tool in 3 key areas:

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  1. Self-Awareness: self discovery, inner reflection, personal history, emotional processing and intelligence
  2. Meaning Making: persuasion, messaging, making sense, re-storying, vision & values, metaphor, illustration.

  3. Trust: vulnerability, openness, authenticity, connection, emotional expression, hope and confidence.

Story Processes

Story Crafting

Story crafting is a reflective process that enables us to make sense of our experiences and deepen our connection to who we are and what we stand for. Stories we've shaped can be shared in a wide variety of places, and for an even wider range of purposes. Story Wise offer workshops for women as well as bespoke programs within organisations

Story Gathering

Story gathering is the process of creating time and space for people to tell their stories, usually in groups.  It provides insights into culture, emotions and attitudes, while simultaneously allowing people to speak and listen, which deepens connection, belonging and understanding – a culture changing experience. Story gathering also allows the creation of a shared story, of meaning making, for celebrating, preserving and healing group experiences. Story Wise offers programs within organisations for story gathering and telling, as well as helping organisations uncover and tell their stories for purpose, change and growth. 

Storytelling Events

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Creating an event for stories to be told, in performance time, creates a setting where the teller won’t be interrupted and the listeners don’t need to respond. As audience, it allows us to deepen our listening, to bear witness, and to be entertained, moved, connected, to sigh in recognition and not feel so alone.

As tellers it allows us to give the gift of our story, to reveal our inner world and experiences, our meaning making and to do the emotional heavy lifting on behalf of the audience.  But great storytelling requires learning, practice and experience. Story Wise provides coaching and workshops and hosts events for tellers to be heard and for audiences to be entertained.

Story Facilitation

Stories are often furtive and frail, requiring safety, deep listening and honouring to draw them out and keep them strong.  Kate Lawrence is an experienced, warm and sensitive host and facilitator of story gathering and performance events, and she is excellent at teaching and mentoring others in this critical skill. 


Public speaking, including storytelling as performance, is another facet of ‘story’ and benefits enormously from the guidance and feedback of an experienced coach. Story Wise offers two coaching programs - Story Explorer and the longer Performance Ready program. 

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Storytelling for Women Leaders is a two day workshop that develops inner and outer skills for women change agents. It provides the time and space and skills to develop tell stories, to find, craft, reflect and practise a personal story, and to develop confidence and voice, and begin to embed story as a core way of communicating. 


Programs to develop women's sporting participation, and sporting leadership all benefit from story.  Kate Lawrence's has a foundational history developing and coaching women's football competitions and teams, and her deep passion and commitment to women's sport are a powerful combination to bring to the task, alongside participatory engagement processes, and story. 

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Story Consulting

  • If you want to use story, to create a shared sense of purpose and history, a rich and deeply human foundation for your work, your workers and your client base, but you're not sure where to start...
  • If you've got some ideas, you know some of your stories, but you're not sure if they're enough, or even if they're really stories...
  • If you don't know how to make your stories flow and stick, so it resonates, so people are swept along, enchanted, engaged...

Then Story Wise can help.  Kate Lawrence, knows story, she knows how to spot them, coach them, craft and tell them.  She knows how to support and enable, encourage and hold, to help you structure and embed story into the very DNA of you and/or your organisation, culture and work. 


Whatever your interest or purpose with story, the best way to find out if Kate Lawrence and Story Wise are what you are after, is to call Kate on 0402 080 445 and have a chat, book a Story Call or send an email to 

Free 7 step Story crafting worksheet.png favourite part was everyone sharing their stories and receiving feedback. It was so very connecting! So rich and imbued with so much character, love, vulnerability and power - or - empowerment.
— Cherie Scott

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