Makes Us Human

In the workplace, in communities, in families, and in our hearts and minds.

Story brings us home to our bodies, our lived experience and our meaning making. Storytelling makes life meaningful.

But we have lost touch with the art and craft of shaping and sharing our own stories, and the gift of deep listening to each other as we share our histories.

Story On Purpose exists to bring more wholeness into the world through storytelling. We offer a workplace program that builds trust, connection, clarity & community, we offer community social justice storytelling programs, and we offer an individual story coaching program for women leaders. Kate Lawrence is also available for speaking, storytelling and commissioned story performances.

Contact us or book a Clarity Call to talk through your needs.

About Kate Lawrence

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I spent over 20 years communicating like a lawyer, writing like the Wizard of Oz, as if there was no-one behind the paper screen. It has taken me a long time to deconstruct my communication style, to be able to speak like… me.

I needed to nurture my imagination, become a student of story, get over a tiny, repetitive and powerful voice saying ‘You can’t do that’, let go of the printed page, and really make sense of who I am, what I have experienced and what I believe.

For last ten years I've been studying and practising, telling and teaching stories.  I've found, crafted, practiced and shared stories, over and over and over again. I’ve listened, I’ve coached and I’ve taught countless people to love and think and tell story. I’ve created safe space and hosted, I’ve won the Moth story slam twice and given a TEDx talk once. It is my passion and tool of choice to change the world.

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Story Wise is a  Femeconomy  business

Story Wise is a Femeconomy business

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