An Enchanted Portal to a Parallel Universe

phone box.jpg

So I’ve got a new program, yep, in a bright red, enchanted portal to a parallel universe, still with that old-made-new program smell, like fresh sandalwood, is a world of voice, expression, drama, connection and story.

This new program is made almost entirely of recycled materials from my twenty five years experience in law, community engagement, facilitation, coaching, speaking and of course storytelling, as well as my own journey of personal development. They’ve been shaped and shifted into a mind travelling machine that offers you my best, in individual support and structured learning, to transform your storytelling, and yourself. It is tailored and timed to suit you.

So you get in the box all nerves and excitement, burning with a purpose that can only grow with wings of Story.

And you begin to learn and work, think and question, talk and reflect, dig deep, practice-clumsy, fall down, but only to the bottom of the box, where you are held and supported and given a hand up. You listen to feedback, reflect, craft and practice-clumsy-smooth. You stumble again, but keep your feet. You start yet again, and on and on you go until events and meaning click into place and you practice-smooth, practice smooth, practice smooth and finally fly on the winds with wings of Story, and those watching and listening bend with heart melting inspiration as you speak your truth.

If you have storytelling dreams, lets talk, and see if this box might be a good fit for them, I have opened up my calendar to do free 20 minute story success strategy calls.

In this session the focus is all about you and what support you need to take the next step in your storytelling, whether you want to give presentations, a keynote, run a project, open an exhibition, host events for others to share their stories, speak at an event or family function, write a memoir or make a podcast, the program is tailored to work towards your bigger goals.

Even if this program is not a good fit for you, you’ll get clearer on the direction you need to go, and I can steer you towards resources to help you take the next step. Book your time here.