Finding the Combination to Speak

combination lock.jpg

So you’re just a little bit terrified of public speaking, and just the thought of telling a story, your story in public has your blood run cold. Welcome to a very large club that most people stay in their whole lives even though the door is there with a handle that just needs turning.

Actually it is more like a combination lock that needs to be fiddled back and forth until you feel the click, but for most the terror keeps them from even approaching the door.

But you want to try, and you go up to the door but you’ve got no idea which way to turn the lock, where to begin to tell your story.

You go round and round thinking you could tell it this way or that, but would that be any good or engaging and how would you actually tell it well? 
You’ve been wanting to get some training for a long time want to be authentic, not an actor, you want to feel comfortable when you speak, not a cardboard cut out.

You need someone who can specifically help you to pull your story out, shape it for your situation, so you can tell it with confidence and heart.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk. Message me or make an appointment for a free 20 minute story call. At the very least you’ll get clearer on which direction to head.