Story in the High Country

high country.jpg

Confidence in telling our story, in standing up in front of others and speaking, is one of those cart before the horse, or chicken and egg situations, where you need confidence to do it, and doing it gives you confidence.

So like any learning, any change, anything new, there is a wee hump we need to push over in order to get to the growth part. (Actually, it is an endless series of little humps, and wild exhilarating flights, then more humps. Rinse and repeat. )

What I want to explore here is the confidence that comes once we've climbed the mountain and we are in the high country. There are still lots of peaks and valleys, but we are now well and truly above sea level, which is where we began. Crikey the metaphors are coming thick and fast today.

Telling stories builds confidence in a few crucial ways.

Doing it, actually taking the plunge and having a go at standing and telling a story, creates confidence, in our ability, our voice, our sense of self. Even doing it and failing, with the right attitude, can develop our confidence in our courage!

Confidence is all about our thinking, what we tell ourselves in our own mind, and the search for confidence is in part a search for the story that we will willingly buy into, and that supports us to feel confident in our choices, ability, growth, or performance.

And it is of course easier to tell and believe a good story about ourselves if we have done something we know or can feel or we are told, is good, and that is what happens when we get mastery of anything, and storytelling in particular.

Embedded in the story crafting and telling process is a pull towards making hopeful and meaningful sense out of our experiences, decisions, realisation and lessons, and this brings us precious moments of insight where everything falls into place and makes sense, and we welcome home to ourselves a deeper more profound appreciation of our lives, and we settle onto our bones and can accept and belong in our own skin.

And when we do this to give a gift of story, and we aim for our story to land and resonates and help at least one person, we are in service to ourselves and the world. This is confidence.

If you want to get serious about your storytelling journey, even if it’s still a dream, let’s talk. Message me or book a 20 minute story strategy call.