Story Work in the Social Media Circus

Trapeze artists

I really struggle in the social media circus.  I struggle to wade through the stuff that doesn’t interest me to find the stuff that does, and I struggle to find the right things to say that will interest others and that will satisfy me.

I have come to Facebook kicking and screaming in order to be heard.  Heard in what I write in this blog, and also heard in the business sense, ie. marketing.

But this week I was inspired.  

A while back I started a Story Wise Community group page on Facebook and I think I have finally found a way for it to serve.   My initial aim was to stimulate interaction, but interaction for the sake of what?  For the sake of story of course.

My new idea is a weekly activity called:  #mystoryoftheweek

Let me explain.

Part of becoming a storyteller is learning to notice stories, and a great motivator for noticing is having a practice of writing them down, or in this case posting them on Facebook. 

The guidelines are: Tell us about a story worthy moment from your week. Think back over the events of the week and pick one that fits a story arc: (setting, issue, unfolding, climax, resolution and reflection). You can, post more than once, but keep a separate post for each story.

I have notionally set the story day as Friday, really just to have some way of prompting us, but any story can be posted anytime with the hashtag.  Using the hashtag means we can go back and find our posts, and over time we can build a bank of story ideas.

Doing this regularly will connect us, story can't not do that.  It will also help us hone our ability to be succinct, train us to notice stories, use the story structure, reflect on events and find meaning.

I'm quite prepared for it to be just me talking to myself for a while and maybe forever, but I really hope you join me.  I have posted my first story and I think it could just as easily be a blog post (another reason to do this story work).  It may well be my the next blog - not only the story but the thinking process that went into finding it.

If you haven’t already joined the Story Wise Community on Facebook, click here, join up and soon you can post your first story.