Story or No Story - Is That The Situation?

Story or No Story?

I have this belief, developed from years of meditating and telling stories, that there are two states of being:  story and no story.  

I’m not given to drawing on the Bible, but I have pondered the first line of John ‘In the beginning was the word…’ (I did not know this was from John, I actually thought it was the first line of the whole book, but Google set me straight.)

Now apparently ‘the Word’ in this context actually meant Jesus (go figure), but it has often rattled around in my head as I try to understand the power of words; words are how we define and story the world.  

I want to scream this at people who scathingly refer to a meeting as a ‘bloody talk fest’.  We can’t do anything unless we imagine it first, and we can’t do anything with other people unless we talk about it.  

We are nearly always using words, even when we are not talking or reading or listening, we often think with words., although we also think in images, but we make sense of the images with words.

So it seems that when we don’t apply words to anything, we are without story, because we are without judgement.  When we use words we necessarily use judgement.  Words carry within them assessment, appraisal, meaning, and story, and the opposite also holds - when we have no words we have no judgement or meaning or story. 

And from my understanding of Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness, this is what we are aiming for when the Wise Sages urge us to be in present moment awareness, or mindfulness;  to observe without judgement.

And so, as my thought trails would have it, we have these two states of being - story and no story.

Does this make sense to anyone??  Or am I going bananas?

Love to hear your thoughts…