Wisdom Story Series - Nasrudin and The Key


Nasrudin is a sort of wise fool from Middle Eastern folktale traditions.  There are many Nasrudin stories.  This is one of my favourites.

Nasrudin was outside his house one evening.  He was on his hands and knees feeling and looking for something in the grass.  A neighbour came along and asked if he'd lost something.

"Yes I've lost my key.'

'I'll help you look' said the neighbour and they proceeded to look together.   Others came along and also helped.  Finaly one of the helpers said

"Nasrudin are you sure you lost the key here?'

''No, I definitely lost it in the kitchen.'

'Then why on Earth are we looking for it here' was the shocked reply.

"Because there more light here, of course,' said Nasrudin.

It can take some relaxed and creative thinking to see the application of this story, but once you do, you will find many situations where people are looking for answers/ideas/futures in the wrong place.