The Journey of the Storyteller

journey of the storyteller

In order to begin the journey of becoming a storyteller, it helps to understand and gather to the front of your mind the qualities that will enable you to learn, practise, grow and perform from deep within your heart, with a strong and clear voice. These keys will enable you to play the story like the strings of a guitar, feeling into the heart, challenging the mind and landing with deep satisfaction the gift of story. 

The keys are attributes we all have and have called on at various times in our lives, but that can often also be aspects of ourselves we have forgotten, let lie dormant, become atrophied and dull with time. Yet despite the weight of time burying them, any movement will wake them, and the slightest of attention and gentle blowing will spark a flame that won’t be stopped. 

You see these keys are also at the heart of what it is to be a wholehearted human, these keys enable us to flourish, they are the keys to creativity, the keys every artist draws on and the keys that enable us to enter the paradox of being an individual within a collective. 

Drum roll, threrrrr, threrrrr, threrrrr And the keys are emotional courage, imagination, reflection and trust. Of course the words themselves are like keys in that behind each of them is a whole world of meaning, many more words, nuance, subtlety and brick over the head obviousness. 

So in coming posts I will unpack and explore what I have learned about these keys and how we draw on and develop them when we follow the path of the storyteller.