When you hear the sound of the cannons, walk toward them


There is a quote I often run through my mind, especially when I am scared of something ”When you hear the sound of the cannons, walk toward them." - Marcel France.

I have searched the internet to find out more about Marcel France but he is not even mentioned in Wikipedia so I can’t share anymore about him, but his words are well loved, evocative and echoed by many others who speak of courage.

It is this type of courage that is one of keys needed to be a storyteller, the emotional strength to walk towards the difficult, painful, uncomfortable and messy memories and emotions.

This is the gift of the storyteller. This is what we present to our audience, the willingness to walk towards the cannons of emotional distress, to burn through the fires of trauma, embarrassment, shame and guilt, and like an alchemist, transform the experiences into story gold, and not only speak the unspeakable, but also bring us all to a place of resolution.

This is what we do in the story crafting process. We feel, and sit in, and allow, and hold ourselves and soothe and accept and cry and know and love our history. 

And when we come through the other side, (and not until we can),  we grapple with meaning, we wrestle with the universal, until we land our story plane in a place of peace, hope or resolution. It is here that we bring our audience to ground, where we can all more forward, richer and wiser for the story we have experienced and shared.