Melbourne's First True Storytelling Meet Up

Well if I was in any doubt about the interest in personal storytelling, then the ‘launch’ in January of the Melbourne True Storytelling Meet Up has settled it.  

Within a week of me starting the group, the Meet Up had over 90 members and 22 attending the first Meet Up in March.  

That is the power of the internet and the tool that is Meet Up, a great idea that differentiates itself from the rest of the net by ensuring a commitment from organisers that they will bring people together in person.  

The Melbourne True Storytelling Meet Up is described (by me) as:

A regular Meetup to listen to, practice, get and give feedback (if requested), and enjoy our true personal stories. It is a space learn about, share and grow in story together.  There is no obligation to tell stories, but the invitation will be there...

Despite social media and our raging communal addiction to screens in whatever version appeals, we are living a bodily experience here on Earth and we cannot replicate, eradicate or substitute the levels of connection when we are together in person, in the flesh, in real time, here and now.

In person we are all there to see and be seen, we must navigate more complex social messages coming from the flick of an eye, the turn of a shoulder, a flash of mouth, and we are rewarded for our efforts in equal measure.

Oral storytelling can and is successfully heard on radio, podcast and video, but the best ones are recorded before a live audience because there is a raw humanity that is evoked when we are fully seen and heard by another person, and this rawness is then to a certain degree, captured in the recording.

So Meet Up, in my view, is one of the most brilliant uses of the internet, and we are set to see how it pans out in practice on March 11 in North Melbourne.  

Join the Meet Up here and one day the stars might align and you too will come and share, listen and learn about the art of storytelling.