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Melbourne True Storytelling Meet Up

Told a million stories on and off stage? Never told anyone anything and the idea terrifies and excite you at the same time? 

This Meetup is for anyone interested in finding, crafting and telling personal stories in the oral tradition - no notes. 

It is for people interested in being creative, expressive, dramatic, persuasive and entertaining, at the same time exploring and re-storying the past. 

It is for anyone interested in personal oral storytelling for any purpose. It is for lovers of The Moth who want a place to start. We all have stories to tell that matter. This is a place to learn, practice, share and grow in story together.

This is a regular Meetup to listen to, practice, get and give feedback (if requested), and enjoy our true personal stories.

It is a space learn about, share and grow in story together.

There is no obligation to tell stories, but the invitation will be there..