Fantastic Feminist Folktales

Spring Tour

(Of the Inner Suburbs of Melbourne)

As Spring arrives and the scent of jasmine fills in the air and the buds swell and burst, settle into a warm and cosy space in the inner city of Melbourne, and be enthralled by an eclectic mix of stories, both dark and dangerous, and delightful and inspiring.

Fantastic Feminist Folktales is a storytelling performance of folktales, myths and stories from throughout the ages, inlaid completely with women’s power and potential.

It is a bold, brave and compelling first performance, in the imperfect art that is oral storytelling, from storyteller Kate Lawrence, principal of Story Wise. Kate brings her unique artful eye and feminist sensibility to the classic stories of Red Riding Hood, Joan of Arc, and Demeter & Persephone, as well as other stories.

Tickets are strictly limited.

Kate’s evocative storytelling highlighted how the timeless and universal truths in myths and folk tales are still relevant today, by bringing to life the consequences of choice and action, and the joys, tribulations and power inherent in the feminine experience.
— Christine Lister
KL telling WSD 2015.jpg
Kate Lawrence is a wonderful story teller...I saw this show back in June and was thoroughly transported...The Joan of Arc story still looms large. This is very empowering stuff from a thoughtful, creative woman storyteller.
— Annie Radha Holcombe
’This was a brilliant evening of stories; intelligent, heartfelt and beautifully crafted historical and traditional tales with seamless twists and turns. May they be many more nights like this!
— Jackie Kerin

Dates, Venues and Tickets

1 September - North Melbourne

7.45pm 1 Sept, 2018

Meat Market Meeting Room

3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

15 September - Hawthorn

7.45pm 15 Sept, 2018

Hawthorn Art Centre Basement

360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

6 October - Northcote

7.45pm 6 Oct, 2018

Northcote Town Hall

189 High Street, Northcote

20 October  - Albert Park

7.45pm 20 Oct, 2018

Mary Kehoe Community Centre Hall

224 Danks Street, Albert Park