Do you want to use storytelling to captivate, explain and persuade?

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Are you unsure how to mix story with information or argument?

Do you want to know how to find, craft or tell a personal story? 

Are you scared of public speaking but passionate about your message?  

Do you want to be more engaging, find your voice and speak your truth?

Then make an appointment with Kate Lawrence to talk about the Story Wise Speech and Story Coaching options, and how she can give you clear, constructive and independent support, guidance and feedback, to help you make a giant leap in your public speaking, storytelling and presenting impact. 

Book your free, 30 minute discovery session with Kate to talk through your situation and find out how coaching can help. 

Individual Coaching for

Story finding, shaping and telling

Meaning making and messaging

Persuasion & Argument

Performance & Delivery

Confidence & Style

to create engaging, inspiring, story rich presentations, speeches, performances and writing.

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Book your free, 30 minute discovery session. 

What Others Have to Say About Story Wise Coaching

Thank you for your feedback today. It was very helpful and just what I needed to hear. Your acute listening skills allow you to access just what is needed to create a “sharp” story.
— Mary O'Meara
Thank you so much for such a supportive and easeful introduction to the art of storytelling. I was intrigued, and surprised, to see the way each story emerged and developed as it was polished some more. Seeing this animated aspect of myself come out and delight in sharing the story was amazing to me.
— Gillian Hume

Why work with Kate Lawrence?

Kate Lawrence storyteller

Nearly two decades in law, listening, presenting and persuading; two decades creating logic out of a mess, creating flow and order where there was none, shaping stories to persuade and make sense, are all available to you when you work with Kate to craft your talk.  

Add to that the last seven years in story - telling, listening, teaching and hosting and you have a coach with a keen sense of audience engagement, connection and story, as well as message and persuasion.  And she really listens to you, to find who you are and what you want to say.

Make a time today to talk with Kate about your goals and  how coaching could help you achieve them. 

Do you want to...

storytelling coaching

Present information: teach, tell and expound with all of you: your values, your history and your emotions, and be more engaged and engaging?

Make a pitch, persuade with speech, sell yourself, ply your heart and your passion? Then use story, the oldest connector there is, to show who you are,  what your point is, and why you're doing what you're doing.

Explore your life, make sense of your past, deepen into who you are and what you stand for, create a story shape to show yourself and others where you have come from and where you are headed?

 Write?  Do you want to uncover the bones of your story, know its themes, emotions, messages and structure? 

Tell a true personal story as part of a bigger presentation or performance? At The Moth, a family function, a conference or a meeting? Do you want to know how to tell a good one, that shows behind the facade of outer events, to who you are as a person?

Then book your free, 30 minute discovery session to talk through your speaking goals and find out how coaching with Kate could help you achieve them.  

    Coaching Packages

    Story Wise Kick starter coaching package.png

     Kick Starter

    This package is suitable if you already have a good idea of your presentation and/or story.  It is for two sessions, one 60 mins and one 30 mins, over 2 -4 weeks.  We will explore your material, your gaols and where you want help.  It includes presenting your story or talk, or having me read your story (up to 3000 words), and feedback on ways to develop the story, your sense making and purpose. The second session is to present the material after incorporating the first session feedback.

    $400 AUD

    Story Wise Power of 3 Coaching package.png

    The Power of Three

    Like the magic of three in traditional stories, this package is for three 60 minute sessions, over 3 - 6 weeks. We will explore your story and your purpose, spending time to find the heart and message of your story is and what you want to say. Being able to implement the work and continue to deepen your crafting and practice really improves your story, its specific details, writing and performance.

    $750 AUD

    Story Wise Epic journey coaching package.png

    The Epic Journey

    It's a journey, not a destination, one that sees you deepen your connection to who you are, how you make sense of your experiences and your message for the world.  This package is for six 60 minute sessions over 6 - 12 weeks. We explore more fully your stories and purpose, consolidate the process and your creative output, be it written or spoken.  This package allows for performance date phone support if relevant and timely. 

    $ 1500 AUD

    All coaching sessions can be held at mutually convenient times over skype.  They include pre-reading if there is any written form of your stories or presentation, (up to 1000 words for Kick Starter, and up to 2500 words for Power of Three and up to 5000 words for Epic Journey), coaching, guidance, teaching and story feedback.

    Book your free, 30 minute discovery session

    Benefits of coaching

    • You feel more confident in your story, what it means, its purpose and theme
    • You know how to find, craft and tell stories
    • You become more connected to who you are and what you want to say
    • You explore and think more deeply about your personal connection to the issue, the stories and how you can bring them to life
    • You create a logical structure to your story, talk or writing.
    • You practice and receive constructive and supportive feedback
    • You have sessions deadlines to ensure you prepare ahead of time
    • You receive direction and support for dramatic expression and engaging delivery
    • You can de-brief and learn from your experience 

    Book your free, 30 minute discovery session

    Praise for Story Wise.png
    Kate’s Story Wise webinar has been very helpful in refining my presenting skills and public speaking. As a Yoga teacher and facilitator I share stories on a daily basis.

    Story telling is a beautiful art and whilst it is easy to assume that we can automatically do it, Kate ’s webinar breaks it down so that we can more effectively connect and convey our experiences to others. Kate was very supportive and gave excellent feedback which really helped me understand how to craft a story that has substance, direction and humour. Finding my voice through storytelling and being heard has been a deeply satisfying experience. Thank you Kate
    — Julia Dendrinos