Story On Purpose

An organisational culture program


Does the means justify the ends in our workplaces and organisations? 

Disengagement in the workplace is rife, mental illness and mental distress in the workplace is epidemic.

How can we as organisations, create a workplace culture that nurtures the whole person and still achieve organisational purpose? 

The answer is not more technology. It's not more research or employee surveys.

It's not more money, mission, managers or sky diving as a team.

The answer is in co-creating culture through community building, and the best tools humanity has for community building are ancient - circle, storytelling, purpose and play. 

If your team is disconnected, with poor communication, poor collaboration, low grade tension, low productivity, and work is a slog for everyone… or

You have a pretty good team, but you know you could do better, as a workplace, to be more cohesive, fulfilling, purposeful, connected and effective…or

You want to open up a world of stories, where stories are discovered, sensed, shaped and shared, for all the reasons that stories are brilliant;

If you believe the means of work is as important as the ends,

then the Story On Purpose program is for your organisation.

This program enables teams to:

  • Build trust, connection, clarity & community

  • Amplify and embed purpose and values;

  • Create and share powerful stories; and

  • Create sustainable and simple practices and processes 

that builds a powerfully bonded and effective team, with high levels of trust, able to have difficult conversations, hold each other accountable and keep their eye on the prize of effectiveness, impact and meaning. In other words an amazing team and organisational culture. 

Story On Purpose is for groups who are struggling with morale and connection, as well as teams that are doing ok but want to evolve their organisation to become high performing AND an amazing place to work.


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In any workplace, people in a team have something in common, and paying attention to the field of this commons is like tending the soil of your garden.  It is in this field of commons that trust, connection, hope and humanity exist.

Sitting in circle, listening to each other, sharing stories and understanding our common purpose, makes us whole, it provides balance to the intellectualisation of life, to the abstraction of work. It allows us to be fully human with hearts and bodies, history and experience. It takes courage and commitment but human centred processes give far more than they take.

But these tools are practices not a product -

they require commitment not consumption.

Story Wise has developed a customised team program for organisations, combining circle process, story sharing & skill building and group purpose and values. The outcomes are:

  • A group culture that listens and allows each other to be heard

  • A simple but powerful ongoing set of team practices, co-created by the group

  • A bunch of great stories, personal and organisational; and

  • A bonded, collaborative and purposeful team, able to achieve far more than the sum of its parts

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The program has three main parts:

  1. Personal story sharing circles - a transformational process that enables people to be heard and listen - human to human. These sessions can include themes, hopes, struggles, turning points, relationships, purpose and values, and any other topic the group wants to explore.

  2. Storytelling Skills Workshop and Coaching, to teach the art, craft and power of storytelling, and support people to find, craft and practise their own stories.

  3. Story Showcase- organisational community events for people to share stories, particularly those who have participated in the workshop and are developing their skills.

Why Me?


I have put together my twenty-five plus years experience in law, community engagement, facilitation, coaching, speaking and of course storytelling …into the Story On Purpose organisational program.

It absolutely offers you and your organisation my best, in group and individual support and structured learning, to transform your team and organisation into a more connected, trusting and whole place to work.

The truth is that the most important work the team will do with story is to gain insight, to shift perspective, to see themselves, their purpose, story, group and life in a new way.

Story Wise is a  Femeconomy  business

Story Wise is a Femeconomy business

A trusting team culture doesn’t happen overnight, it requires time, repetition, carefully designed process and facilitation, reflection, questioning, and exploration. This is why I work with groups on meaning making, through the art and craft of storytelling; success requires exploration and learning in both areas.

So if this sounds like something your team or organisation needs to make your organisational communications and relationships thrive, make an appointment to talk with me.

We’ll talk through your situation, and get really clear on the direction you need to go, and if it feels right I’ll create a customised program plan and you can decide from there. Even just talking to someone about your challenges can give you clarity, and there is never any obligation to go any further.