Make Sense, Shape Your Stories

For Presenters and  Persuaders



Find and form your stories, know who you are and your connection to your message, then create a speech that is persuasive, moving and memorable. 

For Explorers and Deep Thinkers



Find, craft and reflect on your experiences; make sense of your past, know who you are, what you believe in and where you're going, then tell with all your heart.  

Story Wisdom,

Speaking Strength

Knowing Who You Are

The way we understand ourselves is to contemplate how we make sense of and have responded to the experiences of our lives. 

 As events unfold, we process, resolve and form our 'stories', we make our meaning, then we tuck the stories to bed, and shift who we are based on the shape they make in our minds. Rarely do we remember, or reflect on their 'truthfulness'.

But unless we reflect, from the distance of time, unless we look with fresh eyes, on how we allowed ourselves to be shaped by events, we risk being fixed in who we are and what life means. And we risk telling limiting and fixed stories.

Instinct For Story

Humans have an instinct for story. We are drawn to story, like moths to a flame.  Science shows us that people listening to a story, empathically, through mirror neurons, actually live in the events and the emotions of the story.  It is through story, and imagery that we engage our audience, and embed our message.

The Story & Speech Crafting Process

The reflective and creative process at the heart of personal storytelling, and speech writing, is transformational.  When we craft a story, to be heard or read by another, it is partly a gift, and in the giving, we bring a sense of peace and 'hope' to the events of our lives, which we paradoxically give to ourselves as well.  When we weave our speech with our story and imagery, we bring it to life, we allow our character to be seen and draw our audience to us.  It is a creative, reflective, expressive, emotive and connecting process. 

Even when we confirm our original spin on events, when we shape and tell, we expand ourselves by deepening the home base of who we are.

Knowing and sharing through story, who we are, what we believe and why, allows us to connect with our humanity and is deeply moving for our listeners, and the journey to get there gives us agency, insight, identity, and legacy.  

So What Does it Take?

To explore your past and allow the stories that need to be told to come forth, to reflect, make sense, shape, and then tell and speak with intention and creativity, takes courage, skill, support and practice.  And that is where Story Wise comes in.

Who is Story Wise?

My name is Kate Lawrence, and I help individuals craft and deliver their speeches and their stories.

I work with people to support them to become better speakers, storytellers, and writers, skilled at finding, shaping, shifting and telling stories from their own lives, in their own voice; skilled at finding and sharing a message that is compelling and memorable.  

Being coached and supported enables you to discover the meaning-making and deep connection to self and others that is part of the process of story crafting and sharing.  

In safe, supportive and fun spaces, groups bond as they grapple and play with the clay of their lives to create speeches and stories to share, words that reflect back to them values, meaning and purpose.

I also love to share my stories and talks, enthral and enchant you, tell you with logic and story, how and why I believe and dream, and how I make sense of this 'one wild and precious life'.

Thank you for your feedback today Kate. It was very helpful and just what I needed to hear. Your acute listening skills allow you to access just what is needed to create a “sharp” story.
— Mary O'Meara

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