Sharing the Art and Power of Story, for Leaders, Teams, Organisations and... Humans

Kate Lawrence helps answer life’s big questions without judgement or assumption, based on her deep belief that everyone has a story to tell. Somehow, she manages to make her audience feel less self-conscious about letting the world know who we really are. Introspection never felt so comfortable.
— Alex Fisher, 2017 TEDx Bendigo host.

Kate Lawrence Speaker Showreel

Kate’s presentation was masterful, intriguing and pitch perfect for our audience. The story that Kate put together was intriguing and showed just how much work and care she put into crafting it. It was a great collaborative process to work with Kate and we’d love to have her again.
— Lara McKinley, Community Stories Project Officer, Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Keynote speaker or conference presentation?

If you’re looking for a warm, passionate and persuasive TEDx level speaker who can bring the art and power of story, to your purpose driven audience in useful and meaningful ways, then you’ve found the speaker you’ve been looking for. 

Speaking with clarity and authenticity, using story, humour and practical exercises, Kate speaks with warmhearted skill to enable your audience to connect to themselves and each other through story. 

Having spent 17 years as a community lawyer, 9 years playing Australian Rules Football and 12 years in community development, group facilitation and personal storytelling, Kate is perceptive, with a passionate belief in human connection.  She is excited about story as a reflective tool that can be shared, story process as a way of building culture and connection, and story sharing as ways to build women’s sporting participation and leadership. Her role in the development of women’s football in Victoria is singular and told with all the power, passion and wisdom of an epic tale. 

the moth in melbourne.

Kate delivers with a storytellers heart, a lawyer’s logic and an orator's presence to captivate, motivate and teach how story and sport do the work of making us human. She shows with practical and convincing reasoning how to find, craft and share our stories, how simple practices can create a story culture at work, how to use story and sport (and stories about sport) in our work. 

Kate’s ability to tell stories, to share the universal wisdom of life experiences in a vibrant and enchanting way, provides a unique perspective on how we can make teams, tribes and workplaces for real people.

The moth in melbourne

The Moth in Melbourne.

When Kate Lawrence talks story, she casts a spell. An articulate, heart-felt speaker, her ideas have inspired personal and organisational change.
— Jackie Kerin, president of Storytelling Australia Victoria, author and storyteller

Speaking Topics

Leading Through the Story Looking Glass

  • Reflective self awareness and understanding through story crafting

  • Tools and structures for crafting a moment into a compelling story
  • Shaping and telling stories to share who you are, your beliefs and values
Kate at Rocket Clock.jpg

Culture and Connection Through Storytelling

  • How to build connection, culture, coherence and organisational intelligence through story circles
  • How to develop community and build storytelling skills through storytelling events. 
  • Participatory processes to build cohesion, engagement and shared vision.
Kate Lawrence storyteller.jpg

Purpose & Engagement – Lessons from a Sporting Quest

Using Kate’s unique story of being instrumental in the development of women’s football in Victoria she will show:

  •  The guiding light of clear vision and purpose

  • The lessons of emotional expression and intelligence

  • The grit of the long haul.

  • The power of enabling emotions through story

  •  The power to make a difference

Keynote Speaker

Kate’s ability to synthesise and frame ideas, her training in law, experience as a TEDx speaker, thorough approach and artistry as a storyteller, mean she is the ideal person to develop and deliver a stunning keynote for your conference or convention. 

Kate is able to distill broad ranging notions, bring fresh perspective, inspire and entertain, to frame proceedings and stimulate thinking and discussion.  She will talk with you, your team and others in your field to ensure a bespoke and perfectly fitting opening, or closing to your event. 

Contact Kate to discuss your gathering and what you are wanting from your keynote speaker. She will willingly explore with you your aims and ideas, to see if she is the person to fulfil your needs. 

Book a phone call with Kate to discuss your next event. 

Kate was a guest story-teller at the launch of the Vocal Ranges Festival 2016. This is a new, annual event in Kyneton, Central Victoria, that celebrates the vocal arts through participation and performance.

Kate’s stories were adventures into funny and poignant experiences, and accessible to all. Kate also spoke about the magic and power of a story experienced as a shared imagination. Above all, Kate’s passion for storytelling and its role in culture was an inspiring addition to the festival launch, and we hope that she can share her skills for our audiences next year!
— Emma MacKenzie, Vocal Ranges committee