Stories for Good


Stories for good are needed to change the world.  Good people doing good work need stories and story skills to influence, persuade, illustrate, and move us to support them and the work they are doing. 

'Stories and Points' is the most powerful combination we have to change the world.

But there is no doubt story is an art that can be studied for a lifetime: it takes experience, training, an eye for the needs of the story, an ear for the purpose and the audience, and a sense for the ways that story can be strengthened, the arc bent to hold our attention, open our hearts and satisfy our minds.

Kate Lawrence has years immersed in story, years listening to people’s stories and a perceptive ability to grasp purpose and persuasion. She can:

·      Teach story finding crafting and telling principles

·      Consult on story, helping find and craft the best stories for your aims

·      Coach people to develop, deliver and tell stories

·      Perform your stories

·      Podcast your stories, or support you to.

Call Kate on 0402 080 445 to have a chat and see if there is a good fit for your needs.