Storytelling and Presentation Coaching

Insight, Meaning Making & Story Skills

There is really no substitute for the individualised focus that comes from working one on one with an experienced story and presentation coach.

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You get to talk through all your ideas, the length and purpose of your speech/story, the audience, your hopes and fears, your message and of course the big mess of your memories and stories. You will be guided and questioned to explore your history, find the story shape, the structure and theme, the moments and the culminating event that allows you to reflect and understand, make meaning and emotional connection, and finally land the story on the message it holds.

Or it may be that your talk is better served as a traditional presentation, but brought to life and power with an eclectic array of stories peppered throughout. Whatever the situation, we work together to find the best way of speaking, that suits you, your gaols and your audience.

Once we have the shape, the structure, the task is to refine and finesse, find the right words, the sharp metaphors and the soft pauses, the paces and the pitch, using the instrument of the teller - your voice for best effect.

Coaching works best when tellers have an understanding of story structure and craft and so at Story On Purpose all our coaching packages have this element build in, or they are offered after you’ve attended a workshop.

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Introductory Story Package - At the end of this introductory package you will have the structured outline of a true personal story of your choosing. If we get the outline sorted faster, then extra time may be spent on detailed crafting, practising or creative expression.

It includes:

  • Access to over two hours of teaching videos covering the Story on Purpose story model, an introduction to storytelling, story ethics, how to choose a story, and story crafting

  • Three worksheets and a storytelling resources list

  • Four sessions (one 90 minute and 3 x 60 minute) individual online or telephone coaching sessions, to shape and craft and practice and feedback around one story.

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Post Workshop Story Coaching

At the end of a storytelling workshop, to keep your momentum and inspiration going, and build from the work you have done in the workshop, it is a great segue to keep going with one on one coaching. Three sessions will usually be enough to get the outline of your story, practice it and be on the way to telling it publicly. (This package is only available if you have attended a substantive Story On Purpose Storytelling Workshop (which means more than the basic introductory workshop)).

This package includes:

  • Three sessions (1 x 90 minute and 3 x 60 minute) individual online or telephone coaching sessions, to shape and craft and practice and feedback around one story.

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Storytelling for Leaders Program

This is a comprehensive, on demand bespoke coaching program that will get you writing, refining, crafting, reflecting, practicing, building a repertoire and telling stories to embed the art of storytelling in your life and work, and build your ability to draw on all the power of story in a multitude of ways and situations. Read More.