Story Wise Woodend Podcast

True personal storytelling told in a warm community atmosphere, in Woodend, a small community 70km north of Melbourne, Australia.

It is an open hearted, supportive space, to be entertained, moved, amused and allowed to share what it means to be human. Ears are open, themes are loose and times are forgiving. Seasons of 10 or 12 episodes, delivered weekly.

If you'd love to get to the Story Wise Woodend but can't because of distance, or you just haven't got around to it, you can now listen online.

Story Wise Woodend began in October 2015, and has been recorded since the beginning.  I have finally developed a little bit of audio techie know how and I have begun to cobble the stories together.

There is an introductory 000 episode and then its two stories per session, released on a Friday.  You can subscribe on itunes so you never miss a story.  

Story Wise Woodend Podcast Episodes