Story Skills Workshop

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The Story on Purpose two-day Story Skills Workshop is a powerful storytelling training that develops people’s passion and capacity to find, craft and shape their experiences into compelling, insightful and meaningful stories.

While the workshop is a safe space to explore history and learn, it differs from the Story Council process in that the end goal is for the participants to deliberately craft and shape their story and then ‘perform’ it as an oral telling.

The workshop runs over two days for people who self select from within the organisation. (Participation requires a commitment and so should to be optional.) This workshop is excellent for people who want to develop their speaking skills and confidence, as well as for confident speakers who want to learn how to tell better stories. It begins to embed a storytelling culture within an organisation.

Following the workshop with individual coaching sessions, to really focus in on the participant’s personal stories, is natural progression from the workshop, as is hosting a series of in house story showcase opportunities for tellers to share their stories.


Why learn to tell stories? Deliberate story crafting is an ancient and deeply reflective process that draws people to make meaning and find resolution in their experiences, and then share their story as a gift for the audience.

When we take the time to reflect and craft, practise and share, we develop:

  • Trust and Connection: We reveal more of who we are, safely and meaningfully, which enables people to know and trust us. 

  • Creativity and Imagination: Oral stories are told in large part from images, not words, relying on imagination. The act of crafting and shaping a story proper from the raw material of experience is deeply creative.

  • Confidence: We become confident in our voice, our experiences and our truth.

  • Emotional Expression: In crafting our stories we process our emotions, so that in the telling we can, with control, feel, express and resolve. 

  • Make Meaning: The shaping of our stories, is also the shaping of our meaning-making. We deepen our understanding of who we are, what has shaped us and how we wish to go forward. 

  • Captivate Attention: There is nothing more powerful at holding human attention than Story, and nothing more persuasive than a Story that holds a universal truth.

  • Weave Message with story: All stories are embedded in values and share a message about life. When we weave our message with story, we humanise ourselves and our message. 

  • Self Awareness and Insight: Stories have a way of leading us to what we need to explore in our lives, what we need to understand and transform through the storytelling process.