Kate Lawrence was a powerhouse at her performance of Fantastic Feminist Folktales at Preston Library last Thursday night. She captured the audience with her stories of women from legend and history, harnessing their intelligence, resourcefulness and endurance to triumph over adversity.
— Darebin Libraries
This was a brilliant evening of stories; intelligent, heartfelt and beautifully crafted historical and traditional tales with seamless twists and turns. May they be many more nights like this!
— Jackie Kerin

Kate Lawrence - Storyteller

Kate Lawrence is a creative, expressive and captivating storyteller, with a wide repertoire of personal, historical and traditional stories, and she’s always up for the creative challenge of finding and crafting a new story just for your event. Her themes range across gender balance, nature, death, wholeness, trust, connection & belonging, values, purpose, play and collaboration. She is currently preparing two performances, one for a client on the unlikely theme of wool, and a second following her own interest, about death. Let’s talk through your ideas and see if we are a fit.

Fantastic Feminist Folktales

If you’re an event organiser tasked with booking a speaker, and you want to sweep your audience away with the power of live oral storytelling; if you’d like more than just a speaker, then book Kate Lawrence, a brilliant and inspiring oral storyteller, to perform one or all of the stories from her show, ‘‘Fantastic Feminist Folktales’.

‘Fantastic Feminist Folktales’ is a storytelling performance of folktales, myths and stories from throughout the ages, inlaid completely with women’s power and potential.

This program is a bold, brave and compelling show in the imperfect art that is oral storytelling. Kate brings her unique artful eye and feminist sensibility to the classic stories of Red Riding Hood, Joan of Arc, and Demeter & Persephone, as well as other stories.

The story of ‘Joan of Arc’ is the longest story, and stands out as an extraordinary story that echoes through the centuries to have a deeply encouraging message for modern women, as well as explaining history and politics in a memorable and engaging way. Red Riding Hood is a brilliant exposition of the nature of story and its power, and how that power can be used by the powerful to perpetuate a dominant mindset.

It can be hard to choose a speaker for your event and feel confident your audience will love it, so on this page you will find:

  • A showreel trailer

  • Links to recordings of two of the stories - Red Riding Hood and Demeter

  • Audience reviews; and

  • A stupid number of links to make an appointment to talk to me!

Kate Lawrence is an oral storyteller of many years experience. She is a twice Moth Story Slam winner and a TEDx speaker. Her show ‘Fantastic Feminist Folktales’ is tried and tested, being seen by over three hundred people to rave reviews. Call Kate on 0402 080 445 or book an appointment here to discuss your event.

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Book now to enthral, empower and entertain your community through the ancient art of oral storytelling as they’ve never heard it before. The performance is roughly 75 minutes long, including some time for questions at the end. It could also be shortened and combined with a storytelling workshop. Call Kate on 0402 080 445 or book an appointment to discuss your event.

Kate’s evocative storytelling highlighted how the timeless and universal truths in myths and folk tales are still relevant today, by bringing to life the consequences of choice and action, and the joys, tribulations and power inherent in the feminine experience.
— Christine Lister
Kate Lawrence is a wonderful story teller...I saw this show and was thoroughly transported...The Joan of Arc story still looms large. This is very empowering stuff from a thoughtful, creative woman storyteller.
— Annie Radha Holcombe