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Tell Stories.

Storytelling for Women Leaders

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Why story?

There is one thing all influencers have in common - they are great communicators; they can convey who they are, what they believe, why you should trust them, and the way they want the future to be.

And the best of them use the most effective communication tool there is - Story - for metaphor, meaning, imagery, struggle, journey, and emotion.  

Whether you're a team leader or a CEO, a sole trader or small business,  a partnership coordinator, teacher or practitioner, to understand yourself and share who you are, to build trust, to illustrate, teach, inform and persuade, to inspire or engage.... you need the skills of the storyteller.

Two Days for Women Change-Makers

This two day program for a small group of women change makers, leaders, activists and practitioners, will teach you how to find craft and tell your own and other stories, and teach you story skills you can apply to any situation.   


This workshop is extraordinary in it’s ability to connect you to yourself and what matters to you. Also to build your ability to share about that in a very compelling way that communicates your message, your values, your passion and what you have to offer with great clarity, heart, precision and power. In a way that connects the listeners to themselves in a way that has a sense of magic and mystery.
— Cherie Scott, Internationally Certified NVC Trainer

Over the two days you will choose, develop and practice a true personal story, that connects, persuades, shows who you are, what you believe and what you value.  You will then have the option to share your story and receive feedback.

You will also practice storytelling using folktales, anecdotes and metaphors. You will develop a suite of story skills, for finding and filing stories, to continue to expand your collection.

You will have an understanding of story structure, how to create focus and meaning, and the storying tweaks that lift ordinary anecdotes into compelling stories.

The Program

Using a host of prompts as keys to exploring experiences and building self awareness, participants will learn to reflect on, craft and share their stories to build trust, connection and shared understanding. They will learn story structure and how to create compelling imagery and powerful stories to share who they are and what they stand for.

 Photo by  Cliff Johnson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Cliff Johnson on Unsplash

Participants will also explore telling other stories - wisdom, research, client's or historical stories - that resonate with their values and core messages, and will leave with a bag of stories and a suite of story skills and practices.

There will be several opportunities to practice telling, time for crafting and reflection, as well as feedback and group discussion.  The group is capped at 8. 

In the month after the workshop, participants can book a free one hour follow-up coaching session with Kate Lawrence, to get individual coaching and feedback on any area of story.  

Melbourne Dates

9am - 4pm

MAY Tues 21 and Wed 22 May, 2018, or

JULY Mon 23 and Tues 24 July 2018, or

NOVEMBER Tues 13 and Wed 14 Nov, 2018, 

Melbourne Venue

The Larwill Studio, 48 Flemington Road, Parkville

Melbourne Cost

Early bird $790 (plus Eventbrite fees) 

Full Cost $880 (plus Eventbrite fees)

The fee includes morning and afternoon tea on both days, and lunch on the second day. You are welcome to bring your own lunch or go for a walk to buy lunch to the various cafe's nearby on the first day.  A discount of 10% is offered for two or more participants from the same organisation - use the code STORY when booking. If you need to pay by instalments, or invoice, please contact us. 


Overnight Retreat  - Hepburn

10am Monday 17 Sept to 4pm Tuesday 18 Sept

Hepburn Venue

The Grange Bellinzona

Hepburn Cost

Early bird $1190 (plus Eventbrite fees)(Ends 12 August) 

Full cost $1350 (plus Eventbrite fees)

The fee includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea on both days. Single room accomodation for one night, dinner and breakfast.  (A discount of 10% is offered for two or more participants from the same organisation - use the code STORY when booking. If you need to pay by instalments, or invoice, please contact us.  )


Storytelling has shaken me: in a great way! My two days with Kate and the team of incredible women attending the ‘Storytelling for Women Leaders’ workshop opened my eyes to the power of bearing witness to the lives of others, and dipping into one’s own depths of story.

Before attending the workshop I would have said that this was important. But now I have experienced the searing power of vulnerability embedded in strength: truths spoken courageously. And the workshop offered so much more than this. We played games, using our bodies and our voices and our humour to lubricate the wheels of our truth trucks. Fundamentally Kate crafted a safe space for us all to be uniquely us, and this is the first and foundational place from which we can to step onto the stage and share our stories.
— Rachel Clark, National Manager for Welcome Dinner Project.


At Story Wise we believe in community, deeply, and if we had our way we’d give away everything we offer, ‘cos that's what you do in community'. But that is not the way the world works, yet, and so we try to balance what we provide.

We aim to offer lots of low cost or free storytelling events, writings webinars and podcasts.

We complement and supplement this by charging ‘corporate’ or 'decent wage' rates for our flagship two day ‘Storytelling for Women Leaders’ program, and other workshops and programs we offer for individuals and within organisations. 

And we offer two half scholarships for all public workshops or programs we run. Scholarship applications are due one month before the workshop date you are applying for.  (If for any reason the application form process doesn't work, email us directly and we'll send the questions.

Storytelling for Women Leaders Scholarship Application Form


Day One:  Introductions, workshop overview. Introduction to story structure. Practical and experiential story telling activities. Story collecting practices. Choosing a signature story for crafting.  Story remembering, reflecting, crafting and practising.   few participants tell and receive feedback for their stories. 

Day Two:  Remainder of participants tell and receive feedback for their stories.  Practical exercises to develop details, characters, metaphors and dialogue. Exploring wisdom, historical, data or research stories. Practical telling exercises.  Exploration of story uses, ways, goal setting and habits. 

If you want to talk about the program before booking, call or email Kate: 0402 080 445, or 


Thank you for the workshop Kate. It was so special - I was really quite affected by it in a positive way. You share your craft with openness and respect. You have opened up a whole new world for me.
— Linda Kaufman
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 Photo by  Tatiana Scott

Photo by Tatiana Scott

Story Wise offers strategies for finding the nuggets in our lives that can be transformed into stories. The workshop was full of new and exciting ways to think about shaping personal stories.
— Jackie Kerin
If you’re wondering whether you tell a good yarn and, like me, suspect you don’t...take the plunge and do this workshop! I learnt tricks and tips to identify experiences in my life that might make a good topic and then found out how best to tease them into a well crafted tale. There were also pointers on the structure of a gripping story that I had long mused about. Loads of food for thought and practice.

All of this was fostered in a safe environment, shared with other fledgling storytellers and expertly managed and led by Kate.

What a privilege. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best.
— Marita Callanan

About Kate Lawrence

TEDx_Bendigo_2017-13 copy.jpg

My vision is to create deep and transformative programs for feminist activists, leaders and change agents, that develop skills, confidence and self awareness, supported by a post workshop follow up coaching session, to cement understanding and really target individual gaols.

 Photo by  Tatiana Scott

Photo by Tatiana Scott

For over 17 years I was a practising community lawyer. I have strong sense of structure and logical order, as well as a deep faith in humanity and stories.  I have experience in private law firms, small community not for profit workplaces as well as large government agencies and local government. 

For the last eight years I have been crafting, and telling stories, from folk tales through to personal stories, teaching others to tell stories and hosting storytelling events. I have won the Melbourne Moth story slam twice and I have spoken on the TEDx stage about the power and meaning of personal storytelling. 

In between the law and storytelling I worked for local government and the CFA, in community development, emergency preparedness and recovery.  I studied group facilitation and became fascinated with learning the skills to hold space, to enable collaboration and participatory processes.

 Photo by  Tatiana Scott

Photo by Tatiana Scott

I have also been on my own inner journey of personal awareness and growth, meditating, journaling and exploring different ways of self discovery for 16 years.  

If you want to lead with authenticity, heart, passion and vision, if you want to develop your inner and outer leadership skills, to think and express your self through the power of story,  book now for the Storytelling for Women Leaders two day workshop, you won't regret it.


Why do I need to learn to tell stories, don't we all tell stories naturally?   Yes, all humans tell stories it is, as they say 'part of our DNA', but the art, skill and practise of consciously crafting and telling stories is something we have forgotten, we have given it over to the filmmakers, journalists and novelists (who do, by the way, learn and practise their craft). But storytelling is an incredibly powerful skill for anyone who needs to communicate and it needs to be learned and nurtured.  

How will this benefit my work?  All of us, no matter where we work or what work we do, need to explain ourselves, to be understood, to persuade, to get people to know, like and trust us, and storytelling, being able to think in narrative mode, imaginatively, creatively and in metaphor is an essential part of great communication. It helps in writing and speaking, it helps in leading teams and in influencing those above.  It is a brilliant tool for being noticed, advancing a career, for interviews and for managing groups. 


When would I use a storytelling? In pitching, in interviews, meeting a team for the first time, in a formal presentation or speech, in a written brief or document, in a meeting with clients, in an appointment with patients, in a workshop you’re running, in a webinar, a lecture, in a performance review, introducing yourself, in a coaching session, in an address to staff, on a conference panel, at an industry meeting, at a networking night, at a business lunch, in conversation - anywhere you are communicating with others. 

What if I don’t have any stories? We all have stories, our lives are full of them, we are just unable to see them because we expect them to be fully  formed, almost as if they have a little label saying 'story'.  But that’s not how it works. The workshop process will show you how to find story moments and stitch them together into fully developed stories. 

What about if I’m not a leader?  'Leader' is one of those words that can apply to everyone, much like creativity, and even storyteller.  We are all leaders in our own lives, and we can lead - make an impact, be influential - no matter what our role or title. You can use the art and skill of storytelling in more ways than you can imagine.

What if I talk too much, go off on tangents and down rabbit holes?  This workshop will really help. Having a story structure, preparing your story and knowing it's purpose really helps you focus and know what needs to be in the story and what doesn't.  

What about if I’m terrified of public speaking? You are in good company. Many people are absolutely terrified of public speaking.  This workshop will explore ways to develop confidence, and provide a safe space to get started telling your stories. 

Do I have to stand up in front of people and tell a story? Nope. There will be story sharing in pairs and small groups, and there will be an opportunity to stand up in front of others to tell your story, if you want to, but you will also be able to tell your story sitting in a circle, or not at all if you don't want to.  


What is included in the price? 

  • Two days of workshop participation
  • Morning and afternoon tea on both days. 
  • A follow-up one hour, individual coaching session with Kate Lawrence
  • The workshop manual



  • For the Hepburn overnight retreat in September the cost also includes:
    • Lunch on both days
    • Single room accomodation
    • Dinner and breakfast
 Photo by  Tatiana Scott

Photo by Tatiana Scott

Is this workshop tax deductible?  This program is a professional development course and as such will in most cases be tax deductible. 

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer two half scholarship positions for each workshop (including the overnight retreat). The application is due one month before the workshop you wish to attend.

Story Wise Scholarship Application Form

Can I pay by instalments or direct deposit?

Yes, so long as the full amount is paid by the start of the workshop, you can pay by instalments, direct deposit, or Paypal, contact us to make arrangements. 

Why is this workshop women only? I am a feminist and as such a core value of mine is to redress the imbalance in opportunity, income and education for women and girls.  I also believe women only spaces create a different group dynamic and this is often experienced as safer and more supportive, and therefore a better learning environment. 

Will you be running this program again? Yes, there will be at least one other date in 2018, as well as two other two-day workshop programs - Story Facilitation and Story for Speakers.

Do you do these in Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney…. Paris? I may offer this workshop later this year in both Melbourne and Bendigo, and otherwise I am open to invitations… 

 Photo by  Tatiana Scott

Photo by Tatiana Scott

Would you come and run these for my workplace? Definitely, and especially if you work in Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Hawaii,  or the Essendon women’s football team, just give me a call or email: Kate: 0402 080 445,

Do you run other workshops? Yes, Story Wise offers two other workshops, Story Facilitation: for working in groups, teams, creating shared vision, connection & understanding, and Storytelling for Speakers:  how to find craft, shape, and perform stories that weave with a speech. Dates for both of these will be available soon. Sign up to the Story Wise newsletter to get the latest news. 

If you have any other questions, call or email me: Kate: 0402 080 445, or 

Refund policy

Workshop fees must be paid prior to the first day of the workshop.

A refund of the full amount of the fees paid, less a $50 administration fee, will be given when you notify us up to two weeks prior to the date of the workshop. If you notify us of a cancellation four weeks prior to the date of the workshop and your place can be filled you will be refunded the full amount. Late cancellations will forfeit the full amount.

If you have any questions about the payment process or the workshop please do not hesitate to contact us.