Story Wise Wrap January 2018

hot summer days.jpg

G’day Story Wise Folks,

I have a confession, the following was written in December but didn’t hit the airwaves, so I have adapted it for now, and hope it is still resonant.

The end of the year is almost out of sight in the rear view mirror, and for us here in the Southern hemisphere, we are coming to the end of the long hot days of summer holidays where, at least for an afternoon or two, not much happened except of the buzzing of flies and human moves to get food.  

Where I live, the next 6 to 8 weeks are the most dangerous, as the abundance of significant bushfire anniversaries tells us. But last night a steady rain ended a heat wave, and brings a window of ease. It is also the start of the school year this week, which for me at least, will bring a freeing up of time. 

Summer is always a time of reflection, but my usual focus in on thinking and planning for the coming year, I rarely stop to take stock and celebrate any achievements, so here and now this is what I will do, maybe it will inspire you to the same.  

The big steps forward for us (i.e. me and Story Wise (I read recently that it is important and useful to separate your business from who you are?)), have been the rise and rise of Story Wise Women, giving a TEDx talk, lots of writing, reading and preparing like pupa, for transition into some serious offerings in 2018, as well as pursuing the creative art of radio/podcast storytelling.   The down side was realising that Story Wise Woodend was not sustainable for me and so I will not be continuing to host this event in 2018.

But I think more than anything has been a shift from feeling like I don’t know enough, have enough experience or knowledge, can offer enough, or that to offer enough I must tie myself to the wheel and move a mountain, to now feeling like I am skilled and experienced in story, and deeply so. I have something significant, useful and appealing to offer, that I really believe in. 

 I now know when I am in the saddle of my strengths and talents.  It is often a lot of work to get there, to get that ease and flow, whether its telling a story, advising or coaching on story, hosting an evening or listening to stories in circle, but these are the things that allow me to soar, even if momentarily, and that I must pursue, because that is how I am of greatest service. 

So now over to you, what did you want to celebrate year? How are you different now from how you were at the beginning of 2017? What have you learned?

And just in case you missed it, I am currently offering free story coaching sessions, up to 45 minutes. No matter what your issue, if you think story has a part in it and want a sounding board, to get clarity and ideas, make an appointment here.