Story Wise Wrap: October 2017

spring growth.jpg

Hi Story Wise folks,

It has been two month since my last enews and a lot has been happening at Story Wise HQ.

Right at the minute, I am a wee bit jittery as its three days until I present a TEDx talk in Bendigo. My topic is naturally enough the power of storytelling.  On Sunday, as soon as I had it nailed, I decided to overhaul the whole thing!  I have just re-written what I sincerely hope will be the last version, now all I have to do is learn it!

I am hoping to do more public speaking work on the back of this, so if you’re looking for a speaker, get in touch.

The storytelling nights have been ticking along with Story Wise Women booming and Woodend going from being one extreme of a good size crowd one month, to last month being a very small crew.   Next month for Story Wise Women we will have filmmaker Mojan Jivadi along to film (if tellers would like) stories from our childhood.  A full explanation of this new theme is elsewhere in the newsletter).

 In another spin of the iterative business cycle, I am pivoting a little in my focus, not away from storytelling, but adding in women’s leadership.  Next year I will offer a new program called Spiral Wise Impact: Inner and Outer skills for women change agents

It is a program for women who are fighting the good fight from the inside or leading a change-the-world cause from the outside.  It is for women who want to develop confidence, be able to be seen and heard, get their message across and lead and inspire strong teams and collaborations. The program will explore and develop emotional intelligence, storytelling, facilitation and public speaking skills. 

If this is something that interests you, I would really appreciate your input, either through a survey I have created on Facebook or a phone call. I really want to explore what you and other women you know, are struggling with at work, and how I can best tailor this program to meet the needs of women in organisations. There’s a free ticket to November’s StoryWise Women for anyone who gets involved.

And if this isn’t for you, rest assured, storytelling nights will continue to keep the good stories coming.

The other direction I am heading, which I am excited about is, audio storytelling, not the kind like Story Wise Woodend, where a story is told before a live audience and then published as a podcast, but the kind where the story is narrated, with sound effects, music and real time conversations and commentary. My first idea is a series of about 6 episodes which tell the story of giving a TEDx talk.  Of course as Story Wise faithful subscribers, you will be the first to know when it hits the airwaves.

In the meantime, if you are in or near Melbourne, I hope you are enjoying the brilliant Spring weather we’ve been having, otherwise, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Yours in story,