Story Wise Wrap February 2018


G’day Story Loving Folks,

I think…  I err… 

... may have mentioned something ..

about a 6 month program I was possibly planning on offering… 

Well forget all that. 

I am really excited to announce a series of two day workshops: 

Storytelling for Women Leaders - Using values and strengths, we’ll explore personal history to find a signature personal story, then stitch it together, and polish and practice it.  We’ll look at telling other types of stories as well, and how to sort and keep a story practice going.  

Story Facilitation: Participants will learn, experience and practice story activities and facilitation for working in groups or teams or communities,  for creating shared vision, connection, understanding, and well as gathering collective organisational intelligence, (otherwise known as great listening). 

Storytelling for Speakers:  This workshop is for those who have a speech or presentation to give and they want to learn how to weave their message with  stories, and how to feel confident and speak with style. 

The first one is Storytelling for Women leaders and that will run March 20 - 21 at Baringo Food & Wine Co in Gisborne. More details here


The NiDA Nights event is behind me and so I breathe a sigh of relaxation.  It was lots of fun, a great opportunity to collaborate and the storytellers I enlisted from my community of Storytelling Australia Victoria were brilliant.  The night was a wonderful unfolding of a really amazing and enriching range of stories.  

Also under my belt is my first webinar ‘How to Think Like  Storyteller’ and it seemed to go well. It was great experience for me to clarify the information and present it in a way that makes the best sense I can make of it, as well as loads of fun finding and telling stories throughout. I also enjoy the creativity involved in making slides as I really like to think visually. But it is a lot of work so I will no doubt repeat the webinar at some stage, so it is not wasted and I can polish and refine the material each time.

I will be holding a webinar each month until November (although you would be forgiven for not trusting this given my propensity to chop and change). 

While we're on the theme of trust, the next webinar is on March 9 and the topic is 'Storytelling to Build Trust’. You can register here.  So now I will get back to preparing for the next webinar and for the Storytelling for Women Leaders two day workshop.

Yours in story,