Story Wise Wrap - April 2018

Iceberg sm.jpg

Hello Story Folks,

It feels like an iceberg month at Story Wise, one of those months with not much showing above the surface, but under the water there is a whole world of action. 

I am starting to prepare for work within organisations, using story and circle to connect teams, enable emotional expression, greater understanding and deeper relationships. The theme for Story Wise Musings in May (AKA blog posts) is story facilitation, so this is apt. 

I am also hopeful of securing work with a not-for-profit to develop their capacity to tell and use storytelling in their work in the community to advance gender equality. 

I am looking forward to delivering the Storytelling for Women Leaders two day program later this month, in Parkville and with 7 of the 8 spots filled it promises to be a wonderful two days.  I am really keen to finesse the program and its delivery and build on the lessons and feedback from the last time I delivered it. It is deeply rewarding to see the women blossom as they craft, practise, refine and reflect on big and little stories. 

Work continues on the two new initiatives for June, the new open mic event Story Wise Working Women, at lunchtime in the CBD.  There will no doubt be a different feel for this event, in a daytime venue and with a lunchtime crowd. I am looking forward to seeing the women and the community that will develop, cos’ thats just what happens when you share stories!

And I have been thrilled by the positive response to the ‘Fantastic Feminist Folktales’ night of stories I will perform for Winter Solstice. As a first solo ‘show’ it is exciting and terrifying in equal measure, but with Joan of Arc for company as I prepare, I really can’t justify the word ‘terrifying’, given her life. So lets just say it is a bit scary and exhilarating. 

Hope to see you somewhere at one of these events, or online in the cyber Universe.

Yours in story,