Story Wise Webinars

On this page you will find the recordings of two free webinars presented by Kate Lawrence and Story Wise in early 2018.

'How to Think Like  Storyteller' 

This webinar was recorded in February 2018. It aims to increase your awareness of and your ability to notice and use stories, in any aspect of your life, with a focus on the world of work. It will help you understand and work with story structures, capture their influence and play with their power. The webinar will be delivered live again soon. Sign up to be notified.  

Story Flow -

Creativity, Improv and the Story Crafting Process

This webinar was held in April 2018. It explores the creative process that is the journey of story crafting and telling, from few different angles.  Firstly it looks at the process of bringing a story to an audience, the messiness, the dip, and finally the moment when things begin to shape themselves together.  It explores aspects to take into account in relation to the audience and how this might impact you. It explores the creative process, the ability to improvise, the beauty of flow, the interplay between teller, story and audience, and the humility needed for all of it.