Spiral Wise Impact: Inner and Outer Skills for Women Change Agents

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Are you fighting the good fight from inside the establishment?

Are you pushing to change the world, from the outside?

Are you an agitator, advocate, feminist or visionary? 

Then Spiral Wise is for you. 

The changes we want to create in the world are as simple as respect and as complex as brain surgery. They are as necessary as breathing and yet as stubborn as stone, they defeat us day after day, and call us back to stand and be counted day after day. 

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We are outliers, pioneers, visionaries and collaborators in need of each other and the inner and outer skills to lead change. If your vision for change pushes you to the edge of the world as it is, and you know there’s a better way, then Spiral Wise is for you.  

If you lead, partner, collaborate, pitch, present or persuade, Spiral Wise will develop, connect, inspire, support and surprise you.

Spiral Wise is a 6 month program to support women like you, feminists, heretics and subversives, working at the edge to effect transformational change for women, workplaces and the world, not just through the impact of the work you do, but in how you go about that work. 

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The Spiral Wise program works with logic, persuasion, group process and public speaking, as well as earth, art, story and heart.

At the end of this program you will be able to:

1. Lead Yourself: You will live into a better version of yourself, more self aware and confident, aware of your values and history, excited by your purpose and grounded with daily practices that enable you to lead yourself and others. 

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2. Connect Through Stories:  You will have a suite of story skills, for telling stories and drawing others into sharing stories.  You will develop a bag of your own 4- 6 crafted stories, you can tell to connect, persuade, show who you are, what you believe and what you value. 

3. Hold Space/Facilitate Meetings: You will learn and experience the simplicity and power of holding space, listening, creating shared vision, building group cohesion and making decisions with circle and structured processes. These skills are adaptable for any time two or more people come together for a purpose.   

4. Speak with Confidence: You will learn how to craft and present a compelling ten minute signature talk or pitch.  We will explore nerves, structure, delivery and style, to weave story with message, who you are with the change you want to see in the world.

Group and Individual Work

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Spiral Wise combines the strength, connection and delight of working with a group of women, with the reflection, clarity, accountability and support that comes from individual coaching.  

There is enormous power in the collective wisdom of a group of women; the group becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. In the Spiral Wise program the group also enables participants to practise their group facilitation skills and provides an audience for presentation. 

There are amazing benefits in individual coaching: being heard, personal planning, thinking aloud, being accountable, being guided by questions and allowing the time and space to reflect deeply. 

Spiral Wise embodies both group and individual methods. 

Spiral Wise is a place to develop the inner and outer skills of leadership, advocacy and change, through group and individual support. 

The Four Spiral Wise Arts

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Participating in Spiral Wise will develop your skills in four areas critical for anyone navigating the waters of initiating and pushing change:  

1. Personal Work: Developing yourself, to practise self awareness, mindfulness, personal habits and resilience. To bring the super power of meaning and purpose to what you do and to be the change you want to see in the world.  

2. Storytelling: To learn to be a storyteller and story catcher, to know and articulate who you are through your stories, to create the space and time to hear others stories. To draw on the power of stories to explain, persuade and connect. 

3. Group skills: To learn the skills to hold space and facilitate groups, through the ancient method of circle. To not only work with logical process but also understand and adapt to group energy, developing group trust, shared vision and effectiveness. 

4. Public speaking:  To learn how to persuade, present and pitch; to speak compellingly, hone your message, weave it with stories, and win people over to your cause.

Kate has an extraordinary ability to guide each storyteller and the audience to recognise structure, meaning and feeling from each story. Pointing out what is unique why something worked or picking out highlights some might have missed.
— Russell Yardley

About Kate Lawrence

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My vision is to create a deep and transformative program for feminist activists, leaders and change agents, that develops skills and personal growth, in the crucible of a women’s circle, supported in between with individual coaching. 

I have been on my own inner journey of personal awareness and growth, meditating, journaling and exploring different ways of self discovery for 16 years. 

For over 17 years I was a practising community lawyer and I have strong sense of structure and logical order, as well as a deep faith in humanity and stories.  I have experience in private law firms, small community not for profit workplaces as well as large government agencies and local government. 

For the last seven years I have been crafting, and telling stories, from folk tales through to personal stories, teaching others to tell stories and hosting storytelling events. I have won the Melbourne Moth story slam twice and I have spoken on the TEDx stage about the power and meaning of personal storytelling. 

In between the law and storytelling I worked for local government and the CFA, in community development, emergency preparedness and recovery.  I studied group facilitation and became fascinated with learning the skills to hold space, to enable collaboration and participatory processes.

If you want to bring a message of change to your world, if you want develop your inner and outer leadership skills, connect with others on the same path, and lead, present and create stories, and Spiral Wise Impact sounds like it is for you, register your interest and be the first to know when regsitrations are open.

What's Involved

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

The first Spiral Wise program begins in April 2018. Numbers are limited to 8 women.   The program comprises the following:
Workshops: Six day long workshop on the third Friday of the month, in a beautiful bush setting in Macedon, a relaxing hour’s train ride from Southern Cross.

Dates in 2018 are:

April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 17, September 21

Group Call: In between the workshops we’ll have a group online check in to answer any questions, provide accountability and embed any learnings.

Individual Coaching: Over the course of the program each participant can access to up to 8 x 1 hour sessions of personal coaching with Kate to work on whatever is most relevant to her. 

Resources: Participants will be provided with a program manual, covering activities and teachings in the workshops, with materials and resources to support them during and after the program.

Bonus:  As this is the first time this program has been offered, participants can choose to take the individual coaching sessions as a two day retreat. This option allows you to stay for 1 - 3 nights in either Macedon or Brunswick and work with Kate between between 10 and 4 each day.  This can be a fantastic way to clear your mind and schedule, and create time to enable you to really focus on the work of developing stories and/or a speech.  More information about speakers retreats is available here.  

All coaching sessions and/or retreats must occur before the last day of the program, Sept 21.

About the Venue for Spiral Wise:

Macedon is a small bush town just 65 km from Melbourne, a relaxing hour’s train ride or drive up the Calder freeway.

The venue is a small cottage on our 6 acre property on the edge of the township, about 1km from the train station. Sessions will be timed too coordinate with trains to and from Melbourne and I can drive you to and from the station.  If you are driving there is plenty of parking.

Spiral wise venue
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The cottage is next to my home and is used at other times as an airbnb accommodation so you can find out more about it our here.

Part of the aim of this program is to give you time out of your normal routine to be in nature and slow down.  The setting enables plenty of space to walk, write, sit, eat, relax and think, as well as learn, share, work and have conversations.

“Story Wise offers strategies for finding the nuggets in our lives that can be transformed into stories. The workshop was full of new and exciting ways to think about shaping personal stories.”
— Jackie Kerin, author and President of Storytelling Australia Victoria
Thank you for the workshop Kate. It was so special - I was really quite affected by it in a positive way. You share your craft with openness and respect. You have opened up a whole new world for me.
— Linda Kaufman