Story Wise Hosted

Women's Open Mic  Storytelling Events

Story Wise runs two regular monthly storytelling events for women to share their true, personal stories. Both events are warm hearted, accepting, open and supportive, for tellers snd listeners alike. Both events have the same theme each month, but stories are welcome even if they are not on theme. 

Story Wise Women

Story Wise Women has been a warm, friendly and frankly amazing space for women to share their stories, for almost two years. From March to November, on the third Tuesday of the month, somewhere in Melbourne, you'll find a place to listen and tell, and drink from the cup of shared humanity.  Learn More. 

Story Wise Working Women

Story Wise Working Women is a Melbourne CBD lunchtime storytelling session. In the Melbourne Multicultural Hub women come together to share and listen, honour and make sense in the time tested way of story sharing. Make a day of it, go to the Vic market before or after and then settle in with a cuppa over lunchtime, and listen and share stories.  Learn More.