Make Sense, Craft Your Stories

For leaders and experts who need to speak.

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The Story Wise ‘Make Sense Story and Speaking Program’ is a tailored 6 month program that combines individual coaching with learning and skills development, to take you from where you are, on a journey to strengthen your voice, shape your story and structure your message, and embed story skills and practice, to make you a storyteller.

The program works at your pace, taking you through the five stages of:

  1. Understanding Story, its power as a right brain, imaginative way of thinking, and the practical how of oral storytelling.

  2. Exploring your history and how to find and choose the right story to work with.

  3. Rumbling with your history, exploring and shaping, crafting and colouring the story, in between reflecting, working with, and landing on the meaning of the story, and how it connects with your bigger purpose - whether you need to give a presentation, host events for others to share their stories, run a project, open an exhibition or speak at an event or family function.

  4. Performance skills - practising, dramatic expression, timing, audience feedback, confidence.

  5. Rinse and repeat. Creating a regular practice to continue learning, telling, developing. Beginning to build a story repertoire, de-breifing after telling events, working on new stories.

It’s all about your story, your goals and your meaning and message. Working with Kate Lawrence as a story coach will enable you understand story, develop story skills, think through the logic and emotional aspects of your speaking, explore your stories, your values and your message, and enable you to be bring your best self to the task.  

Book a 20 minute Story Call with Kate to discuss where you’re at, gain clarity on your direction and whether this program is a good fit for what you need.